Discover The source of your power

become the man

you've always wanted to be

"A MAN is a terrible thing to waste!"

JUNE 7-9th, 2024


EVERY MAN wants to overcome the biggest challenges in his life, but sometimes he doesn't know how.

where are all the healthy examples of men in their FULL power pursuing their purpose with confidence?

These 3 days are designed to take you from hiding out in your limitations to

Unlocking the powerful man within

You may think your problems are different from other men, but they're NOT...

I bet you're fighting every day to keep it together on the surface and overcome life's challenges...but, deep down you KNOW there’s more to you that’s not being FULLY EXPRESSED in your day-to-day life.

Most men these days are:

Closed off emotionally, unsure how to express your emotions or if it's even safe for you to share with anyone what you're really feeling

Having difficulty overcoming ordinary life challenges, falling into "freeze" and avoidance when you don't know what to do

Confused when it comes to navigating personal and intimate relationships, especially with women

Feeling like there’s nobody who could REALLY understand your struggles and challenges, so you keep them buried inside and burn tons of mental energy trying to solve your problems alone

Lacking the confidence and self-worth to speak up for himself and express his truth, ultimately getting stepped on and walked over: a classic "Nice Guy"

Worst of all, escaping from life's challenges through: drugs, nicotine, alcohol, pornography, social media, food binges, and more.

This is NOT just another "men's program" that will get you to pound your chest, share your feelings, & leave you right back where you started...

Wishing you could tap into your FULL potential

the rising man weekend is...

Challenging and Gritty by design so that you can build the resilience to keep showing up for more. this is NOT a cozy, “kumbaya” men’s retreat.

Revealing - be prepared to expose your deepest insecurities, fears, and doubts. There’s nowhere to hide here, AND no safer place to be supported

Healing - men have known HOW to heal themselves for 1,000’s of years. All that’s been missing is the place and the permission. The Rising Man Weekend is that place.

Exhilarating - you will see and experience things over the 50 hours of your weekend that you will never forget and that will serve you for a lifetime

Bonding - you will build strong and lasting relationships with amazing men in a short amount of time

Celebratory - we won’t survive the HARD work without lightness and celebration. There’s plenty of that to go around during your weekend

Your Image

Men who are disconnected from their purpose & power end up alone and/or Divorced, in financial or legal trouble, suffering from long-standing physical & Mental health issues, and - in the worst cases - an early grave.

The worst outcome of all:

A lost man living at 60% of his potential

What to expect at YOUR WEEKEND...

Physical Challenges that will push you to your edge of comfort AND remind you of your raw, masculine power!

Deep Bonding & Connection with Other Men - you will leave your Weekend with full confidence that you are NOT alone and your problems are NOT unique!

​Reclaim your Power & Authority - identify WHY and WHERE in your life you are giving your power away to others and discover how to take it back

Grief Rituals - there's nothing more powerful than men supporting each other in processing the pain and grief we carry deep within

Initiation into The Rising Man Brotherhood - demonstrating your commitment to live your life as a heart-centered, purpose-driven leader to your brothers, and being welcomed as one of our own!

Your Investment...ONLY: $599!

We know, it's hard to make time for yourself with all the commitments you already have and people counting on you every day.

It's Just as easy to let the days, weeks, and years pass living in "good" instead of "great".

Just imagine how much more you will have to give back to your loved ones when you've unlocked that extra part of you that's been stored away.

is 50 hours worth changing the

trajectory of your life?

You decide.

Still not sure? Here are some FAQ's:

Will I be responsible for food and a place to stay during the weekend?

No. We will have all meals together, and the site rentals are taken care of. We will be outdoors all weekend, so you will need to provide your own tent, sleeping bag, and other camping provisions.

I've never attended a men's retreat or workshop before, is this for me?

Yes! Every aspect of this experience is designed for men at all levels, no matter how much or how little experience in men's work you currently have.

Will I be able to make phone calls or message my loved ones throughout the weekend?

We request that you prepare your families and friends not to hear from you for the 3 days you are with us so that you can be 100% present. We will provide an emergency phone number for you to share with your loved ones in the event they need to pass a message along to you during your weekend.



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100% Growth Guarantee

We are so confident that The Rising Man Weekend will help you uncover and gain access to your power, that if you wholeheartedly complete your weekend and STILL aren't getting the results you're looking for, you'll get a FREE coaching session with one of our coaches. And if you still aren't satisfied, we'll give you 100% of your money back. Simply email us and we will take care of your refund! No hassle or funny business.